Seamless DeFi: CIAN and Loopring Join Forces for DeFi Yield

3 min readAug 15, 2023


We are excited to present the news of our strategic partnership with Loopring — the starting point is CIAN bringing the wstETH/stETH/ETH recursive strategy to the Loopring users. This and the subsequent strategy vault integrations aim to provide Loopring users with the direct access to the most advanced delta-neutral DeFi yield.

You can check it out here👇

Loopring Leveraged ETH | CIAN’s Mainnet Flagship

Understand CIAN wstETH Recursive Strategy

Feeling a tad overwhelmed with the technical jargon? Don’t fret! We’ll guide you through every essential aspect of the CIAN wstETH Recursive Strategy, ensuring you grasp each crucial detail step by step.

What is Liquid Staking?

Liquid staking is the process of staking native tokens eg.ETH on the related POS network eg. Ethereum to earn staking rewards through a liquid staking protocol eg. Lido without having to tweak users’ own hardware and to comply with Ethereum’s 32 ETH staking minimum. Meanwhile, stakers receive from the protocol liquid staking tokens with which stakers could get back their staked assets through either unstaking or selling them on the secondary markets.

What is Liquid Staking Token (LST)?

Liquid staking tokens (LST) are tokens issued by a liquid staking protocol. Aside from facilitating stakers’ staking position exit through either selling or unstaking, LSDs also allow users to retain the benefits of staking their assets while still being able to participate in the broader DeFi ecosystem with the LST.

What is Leverage Staking?

Leverage staking is a delta-neutral DeFi strategy that amplifies liquid staking yield using the LST in tandem with lending protocols. Effectively, the wstETH strategy converts users’ ETH to wstETH, supplying them as collateral to a leading lending protocol eg.AAVE, and repeatedly executes this process with ETH that are borrowed against the supplied wstETH. This way, users capture the difference between LST and ETH borrow rate multiple times in addition to the LST yield.

How is CIAN’s wstETH Leverage Staking/Recursive Strategy vault different?

The wstETH/ETH leveraged staking strategy allows users to amplify wstETH staking rewards in an automated and secure way. Central to this strategy is the use of advanced automation for liquidation protection and position adjustment with the adoption of tools like Flashloan.

How to access the vault on Loopring

Step 1: Go to Loopring and Launch App

Step 2: Go to “Earn” tab and choose “Leveraged ETH”

Step 3: Connect Wallet and Deposit!

About Loopring

Loopring is an application specific zk-Rollup based Ethereum Layer with 2 major applications — Loopring Wallet —

  1. a mobile Ethereum smart wallet that gives users access to selected secure mainstream DeFi and NFT applications;
  2. an L2 order book based DEX.

To learn more:

About CIAN

CIAN protocol is a liquid staking token (“LST”) focused delta-neutral yield strategy platform, where users could earn either through joining algorithmic strategy vaults or through building their own DeFi strategies using CIAN’s advanced automation tools. CIAN allows both LSD holders and other token holders to enjoy the amplified liquid staking yield through advanced DeFi strategy automation.

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