L. A.A.S Event Completion

5 min readSep 9, 2022

The Automation Protection Week held by Lido and CIAN has successfully reached its end on September 9th. Participants used the Leveraged Arbitrage strategy on both ETH mainnet and simulation mode, shared their fantastic strategies on Twitter, and had great discussions about the LS strategy in Discord. Let’s take a look at the analysis of the Leveraged Arbitrage users and the results of winners.


Thanks to all community members for their enthusiastic participation, the number of CIAN’s Twitter followers reached 3376, an increase of more than 50%, and CIAN’s Discord now has 1770 members, an increase of more than 70%. A total of 1499 users used the Leveraged Arbitrage strategy during this event. We are extremely grateful and will continue to improve CIAN’s products and build a stronger community in the future.


There are 430 winners with event NFT rewards, 15 winners with LDO rewards, and 23 winners with Executive Pass rewards. The NFT winners are divided based on their levels of contribution and performance in competition, where S is the highest tier, and D is the lowest tier. All addresses listed correspond to users’ EOA addresses (eg. Metamask). Below are the lists of winners and links to claim NFTs.

  • Here is the LIST of winners with NFT rewards.
    LINK to claim NFT rewards on ETH.
  • Here is the LIST of winners with Executive Pass.
    LINK to claim Executive Pass rewards on ETH.
  • Here is the LIST of winners with LDO rewards.
    All the rewards will be sent to winners before September 16 on ETH.

If you have any queries based on the published result, please fill out this FORM before September 23.

Thank you all for your participation and involvement!

Analysis of the LA strategy users

  • 1476 EOA addresses participated in the Simulation Mode.
  • 23 EOA addresses participated in the Strategy Adoption Award.

The following contents mainly analyze the profit and loss of Simulation Mode.

Analysis of user’s positions

- 80% of the participants did not open any positions. 38% of the participants with positions gained profits.

Of the 1,476 participating addresses, only 294 had profit and loss fluctuations. The vast majority of users did not participate due to their parameters.

Through analysis, it can be found that the lower price set by most users is 0.95 and 0.96, but during the event, the price of stETH-ETH mainly fluctuated around 0.97. So it is a pity that during the event the price fluctuations did not bring enough room for such users to operate.

The highest profit for a single address during the event is 19 ETH. The APY of this address is 33%.

Strategies of stETH users

According to Lido’s Analysis of stETH User Behaviour Patterns, we can find:

Data Source:Analysis of stETH User Behaviour Patterns

Only 43% of the whales prefer passive holding. Big wallets are more active than small wallets, and have more active strategies. Small wallets prefer passive holding.

Volatility of Leveraged arbitrage

The essence of Leveraged arbitrage is the leveraged “buy low and sell high”. Because users can unstake every stETH for 1 ETH in the future, the stETH price will gradually approach 1 ETH. Therefore, every time the price falls due to external reasons, it is a very good buying opportunity.

Source:CIAN user’ tweet

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3. DAO. Lido liquid protocols management entity, responsible for picking node operators, configuring the protocol parameters and much more.

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When a user is running CIAN’s automation tools, his funds always remain under his full control in his smart wallet and selected protocol(s).

Special efforts are devoted to CIAN’s strategic focus — Staked Assets (e.g. stETH, sAVAX). CIAN will keep designing profitable yield strategies and automation tools to ensure the intrinsic growth of liquid staking.

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