CIAN-Stader Trading Tournament

2 min readMar 24, 2023



The proposal aiming to increase the $MATICX supply cap on @AaveAave v3 was voted successfully! CIAN’s leveraged staking strategy is reopened & expects to see an APY increment.

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How this event works?

This event applies with the crowdfunding system to an additional $3000 of $SD & NFTs of all MATICX captured by CIAN. All rewards are added to the total prize pool of the event.

How to participate in this event?

Deposit in CIAN’s $MATICX leveraged staking strategy and contribute to the $MATICX strategy TVL.

Who gets rewarded?

The rewards will be distributed to each depositor who contributes to increase CIAN’s $MATICX strategy TVL. Hence, the rule and the only rule for this event is: the more $MATICX CIAN captures, the more rewards you get! A raffle will be done when the event ends or the goal is met.

What are the rewards?

Two goals are set. It kicks off from capturing additional 2.5m $MATICX to CIAN’s strategy in Goal 1, to Goal 2 the additional 5m $MATICX to the strategy. If two goals are met, exclusive NFTs, airdrop whitelists, and $3000 of $SDs will be distributed after the event ends.

When is the event?

The event starts at 11:00 AM, 24 March (UTC) and will last 1 month.

How to claim the rewards?

An airdrop announcement will be posted on both Stader’s & CIAN’s Twitter and the airdrop will be done by CIAN after the event ends.