CIAN Alpha Test Result & RoadMap

6 min readJun 6, 2022

CIAN’s alpha test campaign has successfully reached its end. Thanks all for the effort you have devoted! The first official event from CIAN both gives the nod to the team’s solid work in the past 6 months and witnesses rapid growth, passion, creativity of CIAN’s community. Now it’s time to conclude this event and move forward with great confidence. In this article, we will introduce CIAN’s next step as well as its roadmap.


CIAN’s alpha test event signifies the commencement of CIAN’s journey towards an innovative DAO community that could potentially become an invaluable and influential part of next gen blockchain ecosystem. We intentionally kept high barrier to entry during the event in order to make sure that the community started with the right participants with desired enthusiasm and who share the same long term vision about blockchain automation. Despite this high barrier to entry, our community grew into a 1000+ one from scratch within two and half weeks. We have no doubt that the community is on its way to become the cornerstone for CIAN’s sustainable development. CIAN’s community members will acknowledge the correlation between their contributions, roles and rewards.

Alpha Test Result

270 CIAN smart wallets were created during CIAN’s alpha event. Various automation primitives have been tried by testing users to ease their onchain operations, protect their positions and increase their capital efficiency in different scenarios.

This process led to the most important result — the stability and security of CIAN’s app have been proven. Meanwhile, numerous positive feedback were received from our users along with valuable suggestions for improvement.

To properly express CIAN’s recognition towards the community’s efforts, we decided to lower the threshold for winning the Tier-D NFT considering most users were inexperienced with CIAN’s product. Users who have successfully completed steps 1, 2, 3, 4, and 9 were guaranteed to receive the basic NFT. Higher NFT were secured by making additional contributions.

Here is the list of the NFT winners, all participants can verify if their EOA wallet address (eg. Metamask) is figuring in the final list. If you have any inquiry based on the published result, please fill out this form before the 10th of June.

Next Step

All feedback coming from top calibre auditing teams as well as hundreds of testing users convinced us that it’s time for CIAN to perform on stage. The team is now confident that CIAN is primed to start delivering real values to the onchain ecosystem, hence decided to officially transit from the Alpha version to Beta.

Development of the Beta version will be completely in line with CIAN’s long term objectives and the roadmap herefor (described below). In addition, you will see real effort devoted to pushing the adoption of CIAN’s existing and upcoming automation tools in the related application scenarios, starting from the Beta version. The endeavor will be made from multiple dimensions, including strong support and contribution from the community:

  • improved automation tool & application scenario fit;
  • partnerships with industry leading protocols;
  • frequent event hosting;
  • referral program;
  • build-up of unique user acquisition channels.

Token incentives will play a treasured role in adoption acceleration. CIAN values its token as a precious asset considering the various utility scenarios, as well as the boost that it will bring to CIAN’s ecosystem. Therefore, CIAN is cautious with the token genesis, which will take place when the right moment comes.

Keep in mind that CIAN is an automation tooling platform that users/ecosystems of many large protocols could benefit from. Thus great growth impetus could be expected from partnerships before token incentives start to catalyze CIAN’s adoption.


CIAN’s long term objective/commitment is to build up a universal decentralized automation infrastructure for fast growing blockchain ecosystems. The motivation behind it is that we can hardly imagine mass participation in existing blockchain ecosystems without support from large scale automation — low efficiency, high entry barrier, tedious and complex onchain operations, fragmentation, hard to realize composability, etc..

We believe that, by the time the general blockchain ecosystem becomes fairly strengthened with universal automation capacity, CIAN might become the backbone of next gen blockchain systems.

In view of the amount of effort needed to realize this goal, CIAN follows a more practical growing path — select strong scenarios for automation as starting points to drive CIAN’s product backend development and volume growth. Accordingly, CIAN protocol’s roadmap is composed of 2 synergistic components — ‘roadmap for automation scenarios’ and ‘roadmap for product backend’.

Roadmap for Automation Scenarios:

Pic 1: CIAN protocol roadmap for automation scenarios

- Automated Strategies for Staking Derivatives

Staking derivatives is the focal point of CIAN’s scenario driven growth strategy for at least the next 18 months. CIAN believes that staking derivatives are going to remould the entire DeFi stack in the next 18 months, and grow into the largest category of assets in DeFi while becoming the driving force of DeFi’s growth. A new large ecosystem around staking derivatives is expected to be set up from scratch, for which CIAN believes automation and improved composability are going to significantly boost its growth and maturity.

CIAN deems it as an unparalleled opportunity where CIAN can grow alongside leading protocols in the space through automation-related deep partnerships.

To accelerate the adoption of automation in this domain, CIAN is making one step forward by building advanced automated yield strategies for staking derivatives to boost their application scenarios. All automated strategies are constructed using CIAN’s decentralized automation tools, which provide users with sufficient flexibility to tailor their own strategies through parameter tuning. In the upcoming 4 months, CIAN’s automated strategies are set to support all major staking derivatives, starting from popular ones on Avalanche and Ethereum as seen in Fig. 1 above.

- Generic Automation Scenarios

Apart from Staking Derivatives, CIAN is also going to upgrade regularly the coverage of generic automation scenarios that are universally applicable, such as the existing ‘auto borrow’ function for users of lending protocols. Meanwhile, CIAN strives to get all its automation primitives composable to allow for user-defined automation scenarios by the end of the year.

Roadmap for CIAN Backend:

Pic 2: CIAN protocol roadmap for product backend

To achieve the goal of universal blockchain automation, CIAN exerts continuous effort on:

  1. large scale protocol integration;
  2. devising composable automation primitives that cover the majority of the blockchain operational scenarios aggregately.

To cope with CIAN’s scenario driven growth strategy, we currently decide which protocols to integrate, and which automation primitives to develop mainly based on the needs of automation scenarios discussed above (see Fig 1). CIAN’s architecture will keep evolving to fit the grand plan as reflected in the Fig 2. Here are some notable milestones:

  • CIAN’s architecture will start supporting composable automation primitives to enable user-defined automation scenarios by the end of Oct 2022;
  • CIAN plans to release its SDK in Sep. 2022 to allow community developers to contribute to the protocol integration.
  • By the end of 2022, CIAN will allow developers to access/integrate all supported protocols and automation primitives through CIAN’s SDK.
  • CIAN intends to provide a SDK to ease other protocols’ integration before 2023.

About CIAN

CIAN is a decentralized automation tooling/utility platform. Through large-scale integration of blockchains/protocols and advanced automation, CIAN is defining a set of automated primitives that turn complex manual executions of typical onchain tasks/strategies into a simple 3-step task definition process for no-code users. CIAN’s objective — 80% reduction in operational complexity, and up to 60% increase in capital efficiency.

When a user is running CIAN’s automation tools, his funds always remain under his full control in his smart wallet and selected protocol(s).

Special efforts are devoted to CIAN’s strategic focus — Staking Derivatives (e.g. sAVAX, stETH). CIAN will keep designing unique yield strategies and automation tools to ensure the intrinsic growth of staking derivatives.

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