CIAN Alpha Test — Red Line

After months of hard work, we are very excited to announce the launch of the CIAN Alpha Test — Red Line — in conjunction with the CIAN Alpha Test campaign.

Introduction to CIAN

Over the past 2 years, we’ve witnessed the surge of DeFi — a prolific ecosystem getting increasingly abundant, which also complexifies as it’s growing. This trend is only going to accelerate alongside one of the most important features of Onchain applications — composability.

While increased onchain composability provides users with enormous space to compose their strategy through the combination of multiple protocols (might be cross-chain), this also largely increases users’ operational complexity in achieving their goal. Think of all the effort and time spent on data monitoring, calculation, lots of (repetitive) manual execution for position adjustment and risk management, especially for those long-term & cyclic onchain tasks.

Here comes CIAN — through large-scale integration and advanced automation, CIAN is defining a set of blockchain automation primitives, which turn complex manual execution of a typical onchain task/strategies into a simple 3-step task definition process with a few clicks. CIAN aims to

  1. cover 80% of users’ frequent onchain operation cases;
  2. reduce up to 80% of user’s manual operational complexity;
  3. increase user’s capital efficiency by up to 50%.

In short, CIAN is a middle layer / automation platform rendering swift access to onchain composability with advanced automation.

What can be done on the Alpha Test

During the Alpha Test event, we will release 3 specific automation primitives in order to confirm the security and integrity of our tech architecture as well as the UX. For details on how to perform each of these tasks, please refer to the related FAQ section.

  1. Auto borrow
  2. Auto repay
  3. Flash Repay

Alpha Test Rewards — Red Line NFT

CIAN will provide unique NFT rewards for the top 500 users participating in the Alpha Test. The NFT rewards will vary depending on the level of contribution. These NFTs won’t be tradable, they will instead act as proof of contribution, rewarding early users in the first token airdrop event.

A maximum total of 500 NFTs will be distributed. The rewarded NFTs will be divided into 5 tiers: S, A, B, C, and D.

S-Tier NFTs will only be issued to users who make significant contributions. The maximum number of NFTs issued for other Tiers goes as follows:

  • Tier A : 50
  • Tier B : 50
  • Tier C : 100
  • Tier D : 300

The value of NFT

CIAN will record each activity and distribute NFT based on the relevance and weight of users’ contributions. These NFTs will eventually (after TGE) act as targets in future airdrop events. Naturally, the rarer the NFT, the bigger the reward.

How to participate in the Alpha Test

Alpha test period : 6th May 12:00 EST— 27th May 12:00 EST

Required tasks :

  1. Follow on Twitter @CIAN_protocol
  2. Join Discord:
  3. Test Functions:Create a Smart wallet
  4. Test Functions:Use Position Building
  5. Test Functions:Use Auto Borrow
  6. Test Functions:Use Auto Repay
  7. Test Functions:Use Flash Repay

Extra Credit Assignment :

  • Discover product vulnerabilities (Similar to bug bounty, if important vulnerabilities are found and reported, CIAN will ensure to appreciate the contributor with great rewards)
  • Provide product optimization suggestions (Counted only if relevant and implemented)
  • Promote CIAN’s Alpha Event and/or protocol on Twitter
  • Promote CIAN’s Alpha Event and/or protocol on YouTube
  • Being active member in community (E.g. MOD on Discord)
  • Others

This form need to be filled after the completion of all tasks mentioned above (Before the end of the event) :

Visit this link to get a detailed walkthrough of all required tasks : CIAN Testnet Tutorial

Useful links

Testnet form :

Discord :

Website :

Medium :

Docs :

Twitter :



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