BENQI x CIAN: Automation for improved sAVAX yield strategies


Application scenarios

  1. Build & automate intricate sAVAX leveraged strategies.
  2. Build complex multi-protocol ‘’borrow to farm’’ positions in 3 simple steps.
  3. Protect their collateral assets with 2-level of protection.
  • Auto-Repay: Keep users’ collateral ratio to preset target through auto-rebalancing across his lending position & earning position(s).
  • Flash-Repay: In case of rapid collateral ratio rise, part of the collateral is sold via a Flashloan to return to the target collateral ratio, hence avoiding liquidation.

4. Auto-borrow: When the collateral ratio drops below the preset standard, CIAN will automatically borrow extra assets to return the loan to the target collateral ratio, and subsequently send the extra assets to users’ earning position(s).

5. Auto-compound users’ reward to increase their yield return.

Liquid Staking

BENQI released the Liquid Staking (BLS) agreement in February of this year. Users can now stake AVAX to obtain BENQI’s staked AVAX token (sAVAX) and accrue interest through Avalanche staking rewards. sAVAX can then be used as collateral on lending protocols, or as an LP asset on farming protocols such as TraderJoe, Beefy, Kyber, etc…

In simple words, liquid staking (sAVAX) allows users to:

  1. Solidify Avalanche network security;
  2. Earn incentive from Avalanche via BLS;
  3. Earn additional yield from any DeFi investment of their choice.

About Benqi

BENQI’s Liquidity Market allows users to earn interest on their supplied assets, and borrow any available asset from the platform in an overcollateralized manner.

BENQI’s Liquid Staking protocol is a liquid staking solution that tokenizes staked AVAX to grant users the ability to utilize the yield-bearing asset within Decentralized Finance applications.

About CIAN

CIAN’s automation primitives allow end-users to increase their operational and capital efficiency over any integrated protocols based on their own strategies.

CIAN’s simplified ABI blocks & indexing services will allow developers to increase their learning cycle and integration process on top of any integrated protocols.




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