Automation Protection Week Completion

3 min readAug 1, 2022

The Automation Protection Week held by CIAN, Avalanche, BENQI and Paladin Security has successfully reached its end on July 31th. During this event, members from every community actively participated, thus cementing Avalanche ecosystem one step closer to the ideal state of unity. Participants were able to earn extra profits with CIAN’s automation primitives, share their experiences on Twitter, and assist to CIAN’s first Twitter space. In this article, we will summarize this event and unveil the NFT winners.


CIAN’s community continues to grow fast. Across this event, we doubled our followers, doubled our active users, and quadrupled our TVL. This was partially due to the implementation of our newest strategies, but most importantly, to the precious contributions made by our community members. We are extremely grateful, and will continue to encourage/incentivize our most dedicated community members to grow alongside us, granting them higher roles, better rewards, and privileges.


CIAN recently implemented some automated strategies for various assets such as sAVAX* and BTC.b*. The intricate mechanism behind those strategies allowed users to enjoy the highest APR available in the market for those respective assets through CIAN’s decentralized automation.

To execute any of these strategies, users simply have to deposit their selected tokens for CIAN to automatically execute all needed transactions in one block.

Shortly after the launch of automated strategies for AVAX/sAVAX, the supply cap of sAVAX on AAVE V3 was rapidly filled. To ensure maximum momentum, BENQI and CIAN combined their efforts to fast track sAVAX’s max supply cap increment. The proposal now passed, users can expect CIAN’s (AAVE) strategy to re-open any time soon!


The roundtable discussion held by CIAN, Avalanche, BENQI and Paladin Security covered many important points regarding onchain security and the future of Avalanche ecosystem as a whole. Powerful insights were given out during this 1 hour Twitter space. If you missed it, here’s the live recording.

Twitter Space: Onchain Security and the Future of Avalanche

NFT Winners

A total of 190 addresses successfully completed all mandatory tasks during this event. The winners are divided based on their level of contribution, where S is the highest tier, and D is the lowest tier. All addresses listed correspond to users’ EOA address (eg. Metamask).


If you have any query based on the published result, please fill out this FORM before the 10th of August.

Thank you all for your participation and involvement!

About CIAN

CIAN is a decentralized automation tooling/utility platform. Through large-scale integration of blockchains/protocols and advanced automation, CIAN is defining a set of automated primitives that turn complex manual executions of typical onchain tasks/strategies into a simple 3-step task definition process for no-code users. CIAN’s objective — 80% reduction in operational complexity, up to 60% increase in capital efficiency.

When a user is running CIAN’s automation tools, his funds always remain under his full control in his smart wallet and selected protocol(s).

Special efforts are devoted to CIAN’s strategic focus — Staked Assets (e.g. sAVAX). CIAN will keep designing profitable yield strategies and automation tools to ensure the intrinsic growth of sAVAX.

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