Automated Protection Week


Market condition

Fig. 1. Total liquidations, all chains combined

Introduction to CIAN’s automation primitives

  1. Turn complex manual executions of typical onchain tasks/strategies into a simple 3-step definition process;
  2. Allow users to implement optimization tools on top of their position(s);
  3. Allow users to implement protection tools on top of their position(s).
  1. Reduce up to 80% of users’ manual operational complexity;
  2. Increase users’ capital efficiency by up to 60%;
  3. Protect users’ position(s) against liquidation.


  1. We invite investors to build a ‘’Borrow to Farm’” positions using CIAN, and fully secure/optimize their investment thanks to CIAN’s automation primitives;
  2. Every participant that completes the event will receive a CIAN NFT (acting as an airdrop target) based on their level of contribution and community engagement.

Event Timeline (July 7— July 21)

  1. Main Event: July 7 (12:00 EST) — July 20 (12:00 EST)
  2. Roundtable discussion: (July 21)
    I. CIAN
    II. Avalanche
    III. BenQI
    IV. Paladin Security

Event Rules

  1. Create a CIAN’s smart wallet;
  2. Build one of these Four ‘’Borrow to Farm’’ positions :
    Strategy 1 : Borrow to fram — Stablecoin
    Strategy 2 : Borrow to farm -Low risk assets
    Strategy 3: Borrow to Farm — other assets
    Strategy 4: Leveraged Staking Strategies for sAVAX
  3. Fully secure your position with ‘’Auto-borrow’’, ‘’Auto-repay’’ and ‘’Flash-Repay’’;
  4. Join CIAN on Discord;
  5. Follow CIAN, Avalanche & BenQI on Twitter;
  6. Share your investor profile on Twitter (And quote the event article);
  7. Re-Tweet the Roundtable announcement on Twitter (7/15–7/21);
  8. Fill out the final form (Available from 7/18–7/31)
  1. Complete Discord tasks (Revealed during the event)
  2. Participate/Assist to the Twitter space Roundtable (7/21)
  3. Stay active in the community (Help new members, engage good conversations, help as a moderator/senior)
  4. Provide product optimization suggestions (Counted only if relevant and implemented)
  5. Create visual materials, guides, articles, memes, videos…
  6. Promote the event via your own ressources (If you are a KOL/Promoter/Important member of private communities)

Prize Distribution

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