Automated Protection Week

4 min readJul 1, 2022


Following the recent market crash, most notably, the complete annihilation of Terra’s ecosystem due to the unpegging of UST, numerous leveraging & lending positions were liquidated, hence creating a spiral downfall that affected most if not all blockchains and DeFi protocols. Few were left unscarred… However, behind every dark event hides the seeds of innovation.

In light of the recent market condition, CIAN, Avalanche, BenQI and Paladin Security decided to join forces in order to spread awareness, give guidance on how to adapt to the current market, and consolidate investors’ trust concerning DeFi’s security.

Market condition

Over the last few weeks, most exchanges experienced some record high deleveraging chain-reaction. As shown in ( fig. 1), over $1.1 billion was liquidated on the 13th of June exclusively. The extreme volatility generated by these events directly impacted the DeFi ecosytem as a whole.

It pains to say that most of it could have been avoided if there had been an automated system in place to protect all these leveraged positions. Turns out that the solution currently resides in Avalanche’s ecosystem, and was partially implemented in BenQI’s protocol.

Fig. 1. Total liquidations, all chains combined

Introduction to CIAN’s automation primitives

CIAN is a multi-chain middleware/automation platform rendering swift access to onchain composability. Through large-scale integration and advanced automation, CIAN is defining a set of blockchain automation primitives, which:

  1. Turn complex manual executions of typical onchain tasks/strategies into a simple 3-step definition process;
  2. Allow users to implement optimization tools on top of their position(s);
  3. Allow users to implement protection tools on top of their position(s).

In respective order, CIAN aims to:

  1. Reduce up to 80% of users’ manual operational complexity;
  2. Increase users’ capital efficiency by up to 60%;
  3. Protect users’ position(s) against liquidation.


This event is meant to lift investors’ spirits and accrue their confidence in Avalanche ecosystem partially on account of CIAN’s unique automation primitives and BenQI’s highly reputable liquidity market. The general idea behind this event goes as follows:

  1. We invite investors to build a ‘’Borrow to Farm’” positions using CIAN, and fully secure/optimize their investment thanks to CIAN’s automation primitives;
  2. Every participant that completes the event will receive a CIAN NFT (acting as an airdrop target) based on their level of contribution and community engagement.

Event Timeline (July 7— July 21)

  1. Main Event: July 7 (12:00 EST) — July 20 (12:00 EST)
  2. Roundtable discussion: (July 21)
    I. CIAN
    II. Avalanche
    III. BenQI
    IV. Paladin Security

Event Rules

In order for participants to qualify for the NFT reward, certain conditions must be fulfilled:

Mandatory Tasks:

  1. Create a CIAN’s smart wallet;
  2. Build one of these Four ‘’Borrow to Farm’’ positions :
    Strategy 1 : Borrow to fram — Stablecoin
    Strategy 2 : Borrow to farm -Low risk assets
    Strategy 3: Borrow to Farm — other assets
    Strategy 4: Leveraged Staking Strategies for sAVAX
  3. Fully secure your position with ‘’Auto-borrow’’, ‘’Auto-repay’’ and ‘’Flash-Repay’’;
  4. Join CIAN on Discord;
  5. Follow CIAN, Avalanche & BenQI on Twitter;
  6. Share your investor profile on Twitter (And quote the event article);
  7. Re-Tweet the Roundtable announcement on Twitter (7/15–7/21);
  8. Fill out the final form (Available from 7/18–7/31)

For the detailed (step-by-step) tutorial CLICK HERE

Advance Tasks (optional but important to increase the final reward):

  1. Complete Discord tasks (Revealed during the event)
  2. Participate/Assist to the Twitter space Roundtable (7/21)
  3. Stay active in the community (Help new members, engage good conversations, help as a moderator/senior)
  4. Provide product optimization suggestions (Counted only if relevant and implemented)
  5. Create visual materials, guides, articles, memes, videos…
  6. Promote the event via your own ressources (If you are a KOL/Promoter/Important member of private communities)

* Please save a screenshot and/or link for every additional task completed. Participants will need to provide those proof in the final form.

Prize Distribution

A total of 500 NFTs will be distributed among participants based on their respective contribution. The rarer the NFT, the bigger the airdrop.

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