Ambassador Program: Phase one!

Once the application form is filled, what to expect?

  • After reviewing your application form, we will send you a response via email. If you are selected, you will earn the “Guardian” role in Discord. Every ambassador that participates in community events and/or freely contributes to the project will earn points, which will be distributed through the Discord Community Bot.
  • Every ambassador will be responsible to share their work/contribution in the #Ambassador channel to earn Ambassador points.
  • Special tasks will be available in the Ambassador Announcements and Recommended Tasks Channel: #Tasks Channel. Please note that all contributions are voluntary.
  • We offer retroactive community rewards for ambassadors with the introduction of points bots: #points-bot
  • The #general channel will remain the main place for ambassadors to ask questions, chat together, help newcomers and spread positivity and knowledge.

How do I earn points?

  1. Activities
  • Create educational contents relevant to CIAN based on your abilities and knowledge. (Article, Video, Thread, etc…)
  • Refer new users to CIAN’s community & APP
  • Promote CIAN in any relevant platform/community by sharing professional feedback and/or content (Twitter, Reddit, Telegram communities, etc…)
  • Provide valuable feedback to CIAN’s team and share your experience with other users.
  • Help answer questions and concerns. If an ambassador becomes familiar enough with the product, he may apply to become an official Moderator.
  • Report important mentions, articles, bugs, and critiques to CIAN’s core team.
  • Join the marketing efforts! Help promote Cian’s content on Twitter (like, retweet & write authentic comments)
  • Participate in exchanges in any of the Discord’s channels and share your thoughts.
  • Participate in games and other activities.
*Please note that the point system is subject to change at any given time.

Code of conduct



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