Ambassador Program: Phase one!

3 min readJan 18, 2023


Once the application form is filled, what to expect?

Your application will be evaluated by CIAN’s team ( 5–10 days )

  • After reviewing your application form, we will send you a response via email. If you are selected, you will earn the “Guardian” role in Discord. Every ambassador that participates in community events and/or freely contributes to the project will earn points, which will be distributed through the Discord Community Bot.
  • Every ambassador will be responsible to share their work/contribution in the #Ambassador channel to earn Ambassador points.

Get to know CIAN, start creating valuable contents and stay alert for upcoming tasks.

  • Special tasks will be available in the Ambassador Announcements and Recommended Tasks Channel: #Tasks Channel. Please note that all contributions are voluntary.
  • We offer retroactive community rewards for ambassadors with the introduction of points bots: #points-bot
  • The #general channel will remain the main place for ambassadors to ask questions, chat together, help newcomers and spread positivity and knowledge.

How do I earn points?

  1. Activities

These activities will take place on a weekly/monthly basis. The objectives may vary from week to week, ranging from: Referral contest, Meme contest, Partnership events, etc…

Activity rewards can be uniform for each participant or based on quality/performance depending on the event.

2. Contributions

  • Create educational contents relevant to CIAN based on your abilities and knowledge. (Article, Video, Thread, etc…)
  • Refer new users to CIAN’s community & APP
  • Promote CIAN in any relevant platform/community by sharing professional feedback and/or content (Twitter, Reddit, Telegram communities, etc…)
  • Provide valuable feedback to CIAN’s team and share your experience with other users.
  • Help answer questions and concerns. If an ambassador becomes familiar enough with the product, he may apply to become an official Moderator.
  • Report important mentions, articles, bugs, and critiques to CIAN’s core team.
  • Join the marketing efforts! Help promote Cian’s content on Twitter (like, retweet & write authentic comments)
  • Participate in exchanges in any of the Discord’s channels and share your thoughts.
  • Participate in games and other activities.

The point system goes as follow:

Please note that points are subject to change

Code of conduct

First and foremost, respect is a must. Absolutely no harassment, sexism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated.

We will carefully check contents posted by participants and will eliminate cheaters. CIAN rather have no followers than fake ones! The use of bots won’t be tolerated.

Don’t use multiple accounts. If a participant impersonates multiple ambassador accounts, his title would automatically be removed.

No points will be given to ambassadors spamming messages such as: “gm, hello, hi, lfg”. Only valuable comments & messages will be counted.

Ambassadors that remain inactive for an extended period of time could see their title revoked. That being said, they would still keep their points.